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Use Cases

Below are examples of how businesses can use Cloud Fax and other complementary products to increase data security, improve productivity and cut costs. The use cases outline the primary business concerns a company might face, as well as how Cloud Fax can help them solve those problems and produce enviable results.

  • Getting Serious About Security: Protecting Data Both Online and Off

    A family-owned insurance brokerage underwent a security makeover to increase the confidentiality of customer data by swapping their old fax machine for more secure online faxing
    with Cloud Fax.

    In the two generations since it was founded, a medium-sized insurance business had never had security concerns with their sensitive customer data. Recently, after a security scare due to a confidential fax lying around, they decided they needed to do something to eliminate the risk and better protect their data, both online and on paper. Due to the recent incident, they were most concerned with insurance claim faxes lying around—sometimes for days if agents were in meetings or out of the office. It was also common for their old fax machine to jam, causing them to miss responding to important faxes in a timely manner.

    Key Concerns

    Enhanced security with Cloud Fax


    Sensitive customer information was printed and left on desks or by the fax machine exposed for anyone who might walk by an office or the reception desk. They were also concerned about keeping their computers safe from online threats and ensuring their digital data was being backed up.

    Lowered costs with Cloud Fax


    The costs of maintaining the physical fax machine with paper, toner, a landline and maintenance were increasing every year. They were looking for ways to cut or eliminate these costs, while also being more eco-friendly by producing less paper waste.

    Access from anywhere with Cloud Fax


    The younger agents felt constrained by the paper process and wanted to be able to more easily conduct business from their phones and tablets. Time was also being wasted having to wait for agents to physically be in the office to receive and respond to faxes.


    • Improved security of both their online and physical client data, as well as their overall operations with email and browsing protection, online data backup and more
    • Increased client response time and overall customer satisfaction by enabling agents to be more responsive to inquiries by sending and receiving faxes without having to be in the office
    • Reduced office supply costs by 28% by greatly reducing spend on paper and eliminating the cost of toner, the additional phone line and fax machine repairs
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  • Flexible Access: Making Client Data More Available

    A retiring lawyer, who still wanted to consult with his partners about clients, replaced his home office fax machine with Cloud Fax. This provided him with a more accessible way to send and receive faxes, ensuring more responsive client support without having to be tied to his home office.

    After 35 years as a civil rights attorney, a lawyer with a thriving practice began to transition away from direct casework to a more consultative role with his partners. To keep connected to current cases, he found himself tied to his home office waiting for faxes, fighting with his old machine to remove paper jams and making a mess replacing toner cartridges. This was not how he wanted to spend his retirement. These problems also extended to his fellow lawyers and administrators at the office. They too wanted more readily available access to important faxes, whether they were in or out of the office.

    Key Concerns

    Easy access with Cloud Fax online faxing


    The lawyer and his in-office colleagues wanted the ability to send and receive faxes from anywhere, anytime.

    Easy to Support with Hosted Exchange

    Client Support

    They wanted to improve client support by being able to share information via fax in real time, regardless of where each lawyer was, ensuring they could be as responsive as possible.

    Reduce cost with Cloud Fax


    As the attorneys discussed improving collaboration, the office manager was also looking for an alternative to the high costs of maintaining the physical fax machine.

    Enhanced security with Cloud Fax


    As faxes came in at all hours, sensitive personal information was often available to non-employee personnel like the cleaning crew as it sat unattended on the fax machine.

    The CenturyLink Solution

    The retiring lawyer spearheaded a project to help the office get rid of their old fax infrastructure in favor of the Cloud Fax solution. The office was able to reduce its costs by ditching both of its old fax machines.

    The lawyers set themselves up to receive faxes via their smartphones and tablets, enabling them to access information more quickly and improve collaboration and communication.

    Having online access to faxes for up to 30 days also helped them more efficiently respond to client inquiries, communications from opposing counsel and more without having to search through stacks of papers, file folders or even being in their offices.


    • Improved responsiveness to key fax communications, which helped increase referral rates
    • Cut costs by replacing the outdated machines with a less expensive online solution
    • Ensured their client data was more secure by eliminating the possibility of confidential personal information being left lying around
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