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Staff Training

Our customized Staff Training plans help increase adoption, improve productivity and get your team taking advantage of the application's full capabilities faster than ever. Through a customized one-on-one webinar, the trainer presents key topics on product usage, best practices, hands-on exercises and example scenarios, then follows up with a question and answer session to make sure your team is prepared to jump right in to using the software.

Since training sessions are conducted during a webinar, there's less hassle trying to schedule out-of-office time for employees to attend an all-day training. Best of all, sessions are customized for your team's specific needs, then recorded for later use in onboarding new employees or refresher courses for your team.

Benefits of Staff Training

Staff Training Benefits

  • Shorten learning curves and increase product adoption
  • Less time wasted traveling to training sites with webinar-based training
  • 1:1 training without the time commitment of full-day sessions
  • Customized training sessions that aren't pre-recorded

Plans & Pricing

Add as many plans as you need, one for each product within that plan. Need training for more than 75 users?
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Staff Training

Available for these products:

  • Microsoft Office 365
Up to 2 hours of a hands-on, private training webinar for up to 75 people
Get key survival tips and best practices
All sessions are customized for you and recorded for later use at your convenience
per product session
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Add one to cart for each of the above products you want onboarded. Not available with Microsoft Office 365.

Product-Specific Services

Here's what staff training includes for each specific product:

Microsoft Office 365

  • Introduction to Office 365, including sending/receiving, conversations, managing rules, flags and followup
  • Contacts: includes grouping contacts, changing default address lists, importing/exporting
  • Events: includes creating appointments, viewing group schedules and calendars
  • Tasks: includes creating tasks from an Outlook item, in the to-do bar and daily tasks in the calendar