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How to activate and setup Microsoft Exchange

I. Requirements

  • You will need a Microsoft Exchange Subscription

  • You will need access to the Internet

  • You will need a computer with Administrator access to install the software


II. Activate Your Microsoft Exchange Essential Subscription

After you have purchased your Microsoft Exchange subscription, you will need to activate it. To do this you will need to login to your SavvisDirect account and go to the Applications tab on the Management Console. 


After selecting Setup, you will be required to enter in the Account Administrator information.


After you click save, you will receive a message stating that your changes have been saved and the status of your subscription will be in a state of provisioning.


*Wait approximately 5 minutes and then refresh your page or go back to the Applications tab.  Your Microsoft Exchange status should now say Active.

III. Configure Your Exchange Account

To configure your subscription, click on Manage then click Launch Service on the following screen.


A new browser tab will open and you will be redirected to your Microsoft Exchange Essential Control Panel.

*At first launch, you will be required to enter an alternate email address, cell phone #, and create your security questions/answers. 


After clicking Save Changes, you will be presented with the Get Started page.  This is where you will be able to manually configure your Exchange account.

A. Domains


When you purchased Exchange, it required that you purchase, transfer, or use your current Registrar for a domain.  In this section you will enter that domain here.  *If you purchased or transferred your domain, please contact the savvisdirect Service Center (855-458-6121) to have your DNS records updated.


In the screenshot below, we have entered our domain in the Domain Name field, clicked Add, and Saved Changes. 


**For further instructions on receiving Exchange emails with your already registered domain, follow the instructions provided at this link:


B. Create User

In this section, you will be able to configure Exchange users and their services.


**For further instructions on creating Exchange users, follow the instructions provided at this link:

IV. Download the Outlook Client


For the purposes of this demo, the PC version of Outlook 2010 will be installed.


Depending on your Internet speed, the download may take up to 35 minutes to complete.

A. Install Outlook

Check your Downloads folder and locate the Outlook executable you downloaded.  In the case of this demo, the file name is OL2010English.


When you receive this screen, the Outlook installation has completed and you may now run the application.

B. Configure Outlook 

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