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How to Migrate from Qmail to Office 365

If you have any questions, please contact the Support team at +1 (855) 459-6121.


Before you can use the Office 365 IMAP migration for your Qmail users, the users must have been first added to your Office 365 tenant.


How to add users individually to Office 365:


1.       Sign into the Microsoft Office 365 Admin Center. You can find your Office 365 admin login by accessing the Office 365 management screen in your CenturyLink Business Applications Dashboard.


2.       In the admin center, go to the Active users page, or choose Users > Active Users.


3.       Choose Add a user.


4.       Fill in the information for the user. Choose Add when you are done. IMPORTANT: The usernames/email addresses you create in Office 365 must exactly match the mailboxes in Qmail.


After you've added your users to Office 365, you are ready to migrate email for those users from their Qmail accounts.


Note: This guide outlines the steps for migrating your email to Office 365 with an IMAP connection to your Qmail accounts. This process will not work if you have your email downloaded to your local devices only and do not also leave copies stored online on the Qmail server. You can determine if you have copies of your email online by logging into Webmail. If you are able to view your email and folders in Webmail then you should be able to migrate your email with the process in this guide.

How to start the migration process:


1.       Sign into the Microsoft Office 365 Admin Center.


2.       Navigate to Setup > Data migration. This will open the Select your data service dashboard.


3.       Choose Other email sources.


4.       On the Select your data service page, fill in the following IMAP connection settings to test the connection. You can use any Qmail account for the email address and password.


  • IMAP Server Name:
  • Port: 993
  • Security: SSL


5.       Click Save to test the connection. Once the connection is verified, the Email Migration Status page will list all your added users with the email address that you provided.


6.       Check the box next to the users whose email you want to migrate, and then fill in the email alias, and the password.


7.       Choose Start Migration after you have entered the required information.


8.       The migration status will be Synced when the migration has completed. When the status is Synced, the IMAP migration will continue to synchronize with the source email periodically.


Verify a successful mailbox migration to Office 365


Ask users with migrated mailboxes to complete the following tasks:


-          Sign into Office 365 with your account. Use your temporary password.

-          Update your password and set your time zone. It's important that you select the correct time zone to make sure your calendar and email settings are correct.

-          When Outlook on the web opens, send an email message to another Office 365 user to verify that you can send email.

-          Choose Outlook and check that your email messages and folders are all there.


After you have verified that all of the users' email and folders have migrated you will need to log into your CenturyLink Business Applications Support Dashboard to change your domain’s DNS records. The DNS changes are needed so email sent to your users will be sent to their Office 365 mailboxes instead of Qmail.


How to verify the Office 365 DNS records are enabled and how to disable the DNS records for Qmail:


1.       Sign in to your CenturyLink Business Applications Dashboard.


2.       In your Dashboard, go to the Hosted Domains page.


3.       Find the domain and click the Choose Action button.


4.       Choose Edit DNS.


5.       IMPORTANT: If the Office 365 DNS records are not listed (MX record containing "" and TXT record usually containing "v=spf1 -all") please contact Support before proceeding to the next steps.


6.       Click the Disable button for the Qmail MX and SPF TXT records. The MX record for Qmail is “”. The SPF TXT record is typically “v=spf1 a mx -all.”


It can take up to 72 hours for the email systems of your customers and partners to recognize the changed MX record. Wait at least 72 hours before you proceed to the next task to stop the email migration.


How to stop the migration:

1.       Sign into the Microsoft Office 365 Admin Center.


2.       Navigate to Setup > Data migration.


3.       Click Close Connection to stop synchronization and end the migration.


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