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Use Cases

Below is an example of how businesses can use Hosting for Business and other complementary products to quickly launch a website to increase leads, better engage customers and enhance functionality of their existing site. The use case outlines the primary business concerns a company might face launching a new site, as well as how Hosting for Business can help them solve those problems and produce enviable results.

Expanding Customer Reach: Creating an Easy Online Presence

A small interior design firm launched a new marketing website using the Hosting for Business Essential plan along with the goMobi mobile-optimized site. To help get the site up quickly, they also opted for Do-It-For-Me Onboarding, which helped take the pain out of launching the site.

A four-person interior design firm was ready to take their company to the next level by implementing a new marketing plan that heavily relied on a new website to showcase an online portfolio of their work. A graphic designer had already designed the site, but they needed to select the right hosting provider that offered the reliability, support and feature-rich marketing tools they needed to succeed. The site had to be optimized for mobile devices, offering a way to showcase a portfolio of large images, be easy to update and include other features like contact forms, social sharing and blogging. Most importantly, the hosting provider had to have top-notch free support, since the firm didn’t employ any technical staff and couldn’t afford expensive support contracts.

Key Concerns

Mobile-optimized site


The ability to easily access the website from a mobile device was crucial to the success of their marketing strategy. They also needed a dependable site that wasn’t constantly down due to hosting issues, spikes in traffic or malware.

Free support


Since the firm didn’t employ any technical staff, the hosting provider had to be responsive to issues and have free support options for troubleshooting if they ran into problems with the site.

Design flexibility


They needed flexibility with the look of the site so the custom design could be incorporated. They also had to be able to integrate marketing features to help increase leads and grow the business.

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The CenturyLink Solution

The design firm chose Hosting for Business Essential, an affordable plan that could easily scale for future growth. It offered everything they were looking for, including free 24x7 support, so they knew they would be covered if they had questions about the site, day or night. They also selected Do-It-For-Me Onboarding to get their site running, then utilized some articles from the Knowledge Base to perform some initial management tasks.

In addition, the plan came with other helpful features like 500 webmail boxes for a simple business email solution, integration with popular content management systems like WordPress, daily site backups and server redundancy for additional security, Attracta’s search engine optimizing tool and social sharing via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more.

They also added goMobi to the plan, and within minutes they were able to launch a mobile website, making it easy for potential clients to browse the portfolio, fill out a contact form or call their firm.


  • The site was launched within weeks, rather than months, with the simple online management tools and Do-It-For-Me Onboarding services
  • Ongoing free 24x7 support proved to be a lifesaver, as they were quickly walked through a fix to an issue uploading new portfolio photos right before an important pitch meeting
  • They used the mobile-friendly site for presenting their portfolio on a tablet to prospective clients, making it easier to close new business
  • The firm has seen a 45% increase in online inquiries thanks to the search engine optimization, easy-to-use contact form and blog
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