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Use Cases

Below is an example of how businesses can use Hosting for Enterprise and other complementary products to quickly launch a website to increase leads, better engage customers and enhance functionality of their existing site. The use case outlines the primary business concerns a company might face launching a new site, as well as how Hosting for Enterprise can help them solve those problems and produce enviable results.

Growing an Online Business: Taking eCommerce to the Next Level

A national clothing retailer launched a new eCommerce website using the Hosting for Enterprise plan along with Pinnacle Cart Premium to create a reliable, scalable online presence for selling their products.

After appearing on a prominent national morning show, a U.S.-based clothing retailer experienced a huge boost in online business. To keep up with the increase in traffic, they needed to update their website to make it more user friendly, easier to maintain and more reliable. They hired a design agency to create the new look and feel, along with several dozen developers in India to build the new site, because they didn't have a large IT staff of their own, which meant they also didn't have a large support staff to maintain the site. The site had to be able to display hundreds of products, user reviews and ratings, a robust checkout process and be stable enough to support huge spikes in traffic during the holidays. Additionally, they wanted an easy mobile experience to maximize the ways users could interact with the site. And it was crucial that the site was secure for their customer's payment and personal data, safe from malware and other harmful threats and wasn't prone to outages or issues—all of which would translate to lost revenue if they were to occur.

Key Concerns



As they continued to add new products to their line and the brand awareness increased, they wanted to ensure the site could easily scale for the number of products they would be offering, as well as the amount of traffic that they expected in the coming months.



If the site went down, they lost money. If the site was hacked, they lost money, and risked a possible lawsuit if customer information was stolen. They had to be 100% confident in the security and service of their hosting solution.



They needed options with the look of the site so a custom design could be incorporated. They also had to be able to integrate marketing features (like ratings, reviews, a mobile-optimized site, etc.) to help increase sales and expand the business.

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The CenturyLink Solution

The clothing company chose our cloud-based Hosting for Enterprise, which gave them 200GB of storage—plenty to display all their product information, images, videos and then some—in addition to a guaranteed 99.9% uptime SLA, meaning the site was always open for business. The plan also provided 50 FTP accounts, allowing all their overseas developers access to build the site without issue. And with 30-day data backup they were confident that the security they were getting was more than enough to protect their site from threats or data loss. Plus, since it's all on a cloud hosted solution, they don't have to worry about maintaining the infrastructure or support that would normally be required for such a large site.

By adding Pinnacle Cart Premium to the plan, they were able to list an unlimited number of products, support all payment gateways, syndicate products to Amazon and eBay for additional sales opportunities and maintain a complex product inventory. Plus, free goMobi made it simple to deploy a mobile-optimized store, making it simple for users to shop and buy products from their tablets or phones.


  • The retailer added an entire children's clothing line to the site without having to upgrade plans or pay more in hosting fees
  • With the new mobile-optimized site, sales from mobile devices has increased by more than 30% in six months
  • Even during Cyber Monday, the largest online shopping day of the year, the site hasn't experienced a single outage or performance issue
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