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Plans & Pricing

To purchase SiteLock, simply choose a plan below.

Recommended for:
Small business or personal websites that want to prevent security threats
1-Time Scan
for website applications, SQL injections & cross site scripting
pages scanned daily for malware
per website/mo
Recommended for:
More database-driven sites on open-source platforms like WordPress
ongoing scanning
for website applications, SQL injections & cross site scripting
malware removal
pages scanned daily for malware
per website/mo
Recommended for:
Large-scale and growing businesses with sensitive customer data
Ongoing Scanning
for website applications, SQL injections & cross site scripting
malware removal
pages scanned daily for malware
per website/mo
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Key Features & Benefits

All of our SiteLock plans come standard with the following features:

SiteLock scanning

360-Degree Scan

  • SiteLock’s patented scanning technology identifies any potential issues before they become a problem and sends you notifications so you can proactively fix them. This includes scanning for:
  • Viruses and malware
  • SQL injections, which give hackers access to valuable website and confidential customer databases
  • Cross site scripting (XSS) where hackers use your site’s code to access secure customer information
  • Applications like Windows, WordPress or Flash that need to be updated
SiteLock firewall trust shield

TrueShield Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Fast 5-minute WAF setup proactively protects applications, like your blog or shopping cart, from being infiltrated by harmful bots, spammers
and scrapers.

SiteLock Dashboard Access

Dashboard Access

A single online dashboard offers at-a-glance insight into your site’s security with notifications about potential threats.

SiteLock blacklist monitoring

Blacklist Monitoring & Reputation Management

SiteLock monitors malware and email spam blacklists to confirm that your site, domain name, email server and address are kept off of them, ensuring your communications reach your customers and they can easily access your site without being warned about potential malware. SiteLock also verifies your SSL certificate is up to date, to prevent users from seeing warnings about data security.

SiteLock trust seal

SiteLock Trust Seal

Displaying the SiteLock Trust Seal (using simple 1-click installation) on your site has been proven to increase online sales and conversion rates because it gives customers peace of mind that their personal information is safe.

SiteLock website acceleration

Website Acceleration

SiteLock’s TrueSpeed Content Delivery Network (CDN) helps increase page rank and decrease bounce rates by optimizing site speed through a global network of distributed content servers.

Total Support From Day One... and Beyond

The support at CenturyLink is second to none. With a wide array of support service options, we've got you covered from setup to training to ongoing maintenance. As always, you get FREE 24x7 support with a cloud expert for product-related issues once you're up and running, just for being a customer!

Do-It-For-Me Onboarding

We start with a comprehensive one-on-one planning session on the phone with one of our cloud engineers to learn to manage the security of your website.

  • We’ll then schedule a webinar session with you to:
  • Connect SiteLock to your FTP directory and configure all options
  • Perform the first website scan, interpret the results, try to fix issues that SiteLock can resolve and demonstrate resources for fixing vulnerabilities
  • Provide detailed explanation of blacklists and reputation management

Guided Activation (FREE with $100 of monthly services)

Use our convenient online scheduling tool to reserve a complimentary one-on-one appointment. Our expert cloud engineers will provide a brief overview of how SiteLock works.

  • You'll learn how to:
  • Create an FTP connection from your website to SiteLock
  • Enable scanning for vulnerabilities, malware, injections and other online threats